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NEW! Luxurious Solid Shampoo Bar

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NEW!  Luxurious Solid Shampoo Bar

Gorgeous, ecological Luxurious Shampoo Bar without SLS.
Very delicate for hair. With Cocoa Butter, Argan oil, Silk Peptides and
Pro Vitamin B5 , your hair will be silky smooth, well nourished, shiny and soft !

This lovely bar makes a dense conditioning lather to leave your hair clean and conditioned. Delicate on scalp. Suitable for all hair types.

With only natural Essential Oils, this product offers natural, care for your scalp without any plastic plus... will save you money!

Make sure you wet your hair generously. Rub the soap on your hair to create lather. At first uses you may find it difficult to create a lot of lather, but after couple of uses it gets easy! Creating lather is much easier when hair are kept wet, if needed wet your shampoo as well.
Lather may also be affected by water hardness.

*No harmful chemicals
*Long lasting
*Natural fragrance from essential oils

WARNING- Due to silk content our shampoo is not vegan friendly

You can get a set of soap and shampoo bar in same fragrance

Approx. 100g